Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year, New Town, New Goals

Our New Year is underway, and we are starting with a bang! In the past two months we have moved back home to Alabama, Aaron has enrolled and started back to college, Aiden is pulling up and attempting to walk, and I continue to job hunt...whew!!

The holidays were such a whirlwind with packing and trying to get ready for our move. We weren't even sure where we were moving, we just knew that we had to be out of our house in Niceville by the end of December. Aaron's mom graciously offered to let us move in with her, but with Aaron's brother Zac already living there, and the house only being a 2 bedroom I think everyone was relieved when an apartment came open just in time!

One of the many awesome things about moving back home is that we are now less than 15 minutes away from my mom and sister, and Aaron's mom and grandmother. We have already had TWO date nights since we've been back, as many as we have had total since Aiden was born.

We are finally getting settled into our new apartment, and Aaron is starting his first day of class as we speak. He will be working towards his EE degree, so the next 3-4 years are going to be TOUGH, but we are both excited that he finally has the opportunity to do this. He has wanted to go back to school since before we met, and it's finally the right time-so here goes!

I am so behind with posting pictures, so here is a smattering of pics from December...

First time in a real swing-loved it!
Seeing Aaron's nana off to Peurto Rico-she is looking at her hand because Aiden just bit her...
Bathtime fun
Birthday Party for Jesus
Eating Ornaments...don't worry, it's plastic
Operation Scope out how to get the shiny balls underway
Umm mom, who the heck is this guy? Why is he holding me? I know you are not going to leave me with him, right?!
Pulling up-determined baby
Christmas haul
Rocking with daddy...totally more interested in the bow
The best family picture we managed all day...seriously... 
His finger is always in his mouth...

Well that gets you caught up through December...I finally broke down and bought more storage for my Google/Picasa account-just imagine if I had a shiny new DSLR camera...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-better late than never right?!

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  1. loved catching up...been blog absent until recently! your pics are great; how did you get the white border with the caption? love that!